Credit Risk Analyst - Private Banking

As a Credit Risk Analyst within the Wealth Private Banking team, you will be responsible for:
Working with a senior credit professionals approving limits with in the risk appetite of the Private Bank
Conducting in depth analysis on collateral supporting lending counterparties.
Developing a thorough understanding of the firm's lending activities and key fundamentals of credit underwriting.
Developing the knowledge of derivative markets and practices and learn to make real-time risk management decisions
Working with underwriters providing guidance on the risk appetite of the firm and escalate issues to senior management
Approving and write recommendations within authority level in addition to providing recommendations to senior credit officers.
Monitoring the performance of counterparties in the portfolio and help formulate risk-mitigating strategies as necessary
Developing and managing relationships with other areas of the firm, including Investment Banking/Capital Markets, Sales & Trading, Operations, Collateral Management, Legal, Compliance, Technology

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